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Main goals:

  • Improve support, help and care for seriously sick children and their families both in hospital and at home.
  • Help in bringing natural and nice “little” everyday things (once so common) back to the lives of seriously sick children.
  • Encourage parents in caring for their sick child, empowering their role in hospital caring team.
  • Help in introducing playwork and voluntary work into paediatric hospital wards.
  • Set up a children’s hospice.
  • Support responsible, thoughtful and considerate attitude towards one’s life and health, and also to other people and the environment.
  • Help in establishing partnership relations between individuals and authorities (institutions).
  • Encourage public discussion on vital issues of illness, dying and death; help in bridging the gap between the worlds of “healthy” and “sick” people.

Malejovice 22
Uhlirske Janovice CZ-285 04

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